Fr Louis Hughes OP


Fr. Louis has a series of short videos on the topic of holistic Christian meditation.

These are available here

This will open up a menu of several short videos.

These include the two 10-minute guided meditations: 

“Meditation with a prayer word on the breath”, and 

“Meditation with a prayer word at the heart centre”. 



This CD is designed for those who find the pace of life too fast, or find themselves tense or exhausted. It has already helped thousands to slow down, relieve stress and achieve inner calm. It has also proved highly effective for those who have difficulty sleeping. But most importantly, it can bring you into the peaceful presence of the God of love. 

Track 1: Deep relaxation and centring of body and mind, with a short meditation on God’s personal love – verses taken from the Gospel of John, chapters 14 and 15.

Track 2: Relaxation through inner body awareness, followed by centring and a Healing Meditation using Scripture texts.

Available from the Dominican Centre, Pope’s Quay, or by post – €10